Graham Maitland Smith Residence | Phuket, Thailand

Program:Private 5 Bedroom Residence
Design Firm:Orbit Design Studio
Scope of Work:Concept Design, Design Development, Construction Documentation, Construction Supervision / Assistance
Project Role:As consultant to Orbit Design Studio, project team leader, responsible for building and interior design work including all 3-d modeling; concept design and design development work; coordination with client and all consultants; management of a drafting team for the production of permit and construction documents; and, monthly site visits during construction.
Completion:August 2006
Budget:45 Mil THB
The site, occupying 6200sq.m on the western-most point of Phuket, is dramatically sloped in areas, dropping from +70m to sea level over its length. Views to the ocean change as one moves across the width of the property. Near the west side of the site is a corridor through the trees which allows views out onto a rocky cove, a distant island, and the Andaman Sea beyond. The project was designed to work with the slope and take full advantage of the views from the site, while maintain¬ing the highest level of privacy. With an array of foreground, middle ground and distant views available, the project attempts to organize the interior and exterior spaces in such a way as to create a variety of visual experiences for the residents and their guests. A strong emphasis has been placed on creating connections between interior and exterior spaces, with open plan living spaces spilling out onto covered outdoor lounge areas through large operable window walls. Building orientation, deep overhangs, interior courts, reflective roof coatings and cross ventilation keep the house cool and virtually eliminate the need for air conditioning.

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